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Peter & Kelsea Nichols
RiZA Leadership Team Members

Peter is a contractor from Oregon and Kelsea is a ‘retired’ physical therapist from Iowa. They met on a blind date in 2015 and got married a year later. They and their three kids now live in Philomath, Oregon and invest much of their time and energy in The Hive Communities, teaching, leading worship, and providing discipleship for the youth. On their days off they can be found hanging out at home relaxing, playing music, reading, chasing the kids outside, and doing art. They are eager and passionate to see people walk in intimacy and obedience to Jesus.

Adam King
RiZA Leadership Team Member

Adam grew up in Indiana and developed a deep love for the scripture at an early age through a program called Bible Quizzing. At a national competition, he met some amazing people from Oregon who were running a discipleship school called Mandate. In 2011, Adam enrolled in Mandate and upon graduation permanently moved to Oregon. Adam works as a contractor and enjoys teaching and leading worship for the Hive Communities. On his days off, Adam enjoys walking in nature and spending quality time with his friends.

Josiah & Addie Wenger
RiZA Leadership Team Members

Josiah and Addie are both born and raised in Oregon. They got married in 2019, and welcomed their first daughter Nadine in the summer of 2022. Josiah works as a contractor, and Addie works for an arborist. They are passionate about prayer and worship, discipling youth, and creating an inviting home. They long to see Jesus glorified among their neighbors and the world. In their free time they love board games, hikes, surfing, rock climbing, gardening, and playing music.

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Tim Wenger
Pastoral Oversight

Tim and Angie Wenger come from a vibrant Christian heritage and decided to follow Jesus at a young age.  After graduating from Western Mennonite High School in Salem, Oregon they attended Elim Bible Institute in New York. Upon completion they moved back to Oregon, were married and have been involved in worship, youth, mission and eldership ministries ever since. They also directed The Mandate Discipleship School for 15 years, until its closure in 2017.  Tim makes his living as a building contractor and real estate developer, and is the senior team leader for The Hive Communities. Tim loves to serve, equip, and protect church leaders, while creating opportunities for them to become healthy, fully developed and released in their unique gifting. Angie spends her time serving and loving her 13 children, their spouses and grandchildren, as well as care-taking for her aging father.  She opens up her home and life to neighbors, loves to make connections with internationals and is passionate about introducing people to Jesus. 

John & Steff Winder

John and Steff met at the University of Illinois where they were both student athletes. After graduation, they got married and moved to Colorado Springs, CO to start their life together. Colorado fueled their love for the outdoors and realization of the importance of intimate community. In 2008, John and Steff and their two young boys Trevor and Carson, moved to Corvallis, OR to pursue full-time campus ministry with the Navigators at Oregon State University. They now partner with their church, The Hive Communities, to help people follow Jesus and live life intentionally. They also started a business building Tiny Houses. They can be found sharing meals with people, prayer walking, traveling, spending time with their boys, and preparing to be empty nesters! Steff enjoys yoga, hiking with their dog, and being outside. In John’s free time he can be found playing team sports, doing finish carpentry, and hanging out with friends.

Shaina Cornwell
RiZA Leadership Team Member

Shaina is a born and bred Oregon native who grew up at the coast where she and her family ran a plant nursery from 2002-2010.  In 2011, Shaina went to a Bible school located in northern England and there developed a deep love of Jesus, walking out in the woods and spending time in her favorite place: the great outdoors. Today, Shaina lives in Corvallis, OR and works as an arborist. She is a worship leader for one of the Hive micro-churches, the Spring. She is also invested in the local House of Prayer and its weekly corporate prayer and worship event: the Furnace. Shaina is passionate about intercession, unity in the body, and intimacy with the Father. She is a bird fanatic, an avid hiker and an adventure seeker. She loves connecting one-on-one and living life shoulder to shoulder.

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